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Helping people. Helping pets.
Shelter Showcase is devoted to helping orphaned pets find loving homes and supporting the efforts of other shelter and rescue groups working toward a time of no more homeless pets. Our innovative programs and exciting events promote shelter adoptions and responsible pet ownership. Our Montclair Trap Neuter Return (TNR) program has spayed and neutered over 750 cats since its inception in October 2004. The program has helped reduce the number of kittens entering the local shelter, helped these outdoor cats live a healthier and happier life, and supported local residents with their cat concerns.   feralcatshelter

Showcase Expo 2004Shelter Showcase Pet Adoption Expo has brought together shelters and rescue groups to help hundreds of adoptable pets find loving homes.

Our Stay at Home Rescue program has re-homed many wonderful dogs, cats and other animals, without a single one ever going through the stress of a shelter environment. This program supports good Samaritans and independent rescuers, as well as people going through hard times who want to safely find a new home for their pet.

Our rescue transports have brought at-risk animals to loving families wanting to adopt and save a life, rather than patronize pet stores and the cruelty of puppy mills. Thanks to your support, puppies and dogs are given a new life.

Shelter Showcase never discriminates by breed and is committed to evaluating each dog as an individual to ensure the best adoption matches. The media has falsely given the public the sense that particular breeds are dangerous, rather than teaching the public how to prevent dog attacks. Please spay and neuter your pets , as intact dogs are responsible for 97% of all fatal and severe dog attacks. Please also socialize and supervise your dog as part of the family.

Pit bulls are a victim of the media stereotypes. Although all dogs should be evaluated as individuals, this breed is typically eager to please and easily trained; they are often couch potatoes with a playful energetic flair, and most commonly, they are great cuddle partners. An interesting fact is the breed’s fighting background required them to be excellent with people, because their handlers needed to be able to grab the dog without fear of the dog redirecting and biting.

We look forward to a long road ahead of developing new ideas and implementing dreams for successful and life-saving adoptions. If you feel that you can contribute to our efforts, please contact us and let us know.

Please volunteer or donate today to be part of our life-saving mission.


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